Further conspicuous international design prizes:


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Student PrizeBusiness PrizeConstruction Materials PrizeReady-Made Prize
Achievements PrizeYachts PrizeStrategy PrizeInterior Furniture Prize
Vehicle PrizeCostume PrizeAdvertising PrizeCouncil of Creativity Prize
Global Awards PrizeBest of Best PrizeAdvanced PrizeDesigners Prize
Social and Behavioral Sciences PrizeAwards PrizeGreatest Design Pieces PrizeIndicator of Good Design Prize
Top Artists PrizeTop Designers PrizeFestivals PrizeInspiring Prize
Outstanding PrizeDesignprize PrizeBathroom Furniture PrizeOffice and Bureau Prize
Aircrafts PrizeWatch PrizeExhibition PrizeOutranking Prize
Tradefair Centers PrizeSummits PrizeRed Goods PrizeOutranking Furniture Prize
Engineering PrizeSocial Projects PrizeExhibit PrizeInstitute Prize
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